If you are considering purchasing an older dog, presently we have an older Rhodesian Ridgeback and a young Pocket Beagle for adoption to appoved homes. If you are interested, please contact me.

Sue X Roscoe - Puppies arrived June 3rd !!!!
1st pick: reserved - Morgan K.
2nd pick: reserved - Chris and Radhika R.
3rd pick: reserved - Lindsay R.

Brooklyn X Roscoe - Puppies arrived June 26th!!!!
1st pick: reserved - Payton and Quinn E.
2nd pick: reserved - Chase M.

3rd pick: 
4th pick: 
5th pick:
6th pick:
7th pick:

3 baby boys !!! one traditional tricolor and two chocolate tricolor.
Pictures taken June 30th
Winston- male - reserved

Gizmo- male - reserved

Teddy- male - reserved

7 baby boys !!! 
Pictures taken June 30th
Junior- male

Squirt- male

Chico- male

Doodle- male

Munchkin- male

Tucker- male

Rocky- male


Lola X Thor -Puppies arrived June 20th, 2017 !!! 
1st pick: reserved - Sarah M.
2nd pick: reserved - Kennedie V.
3rd pick: reserved - Judy R.
4th pick: reserved - Jon and Samantha R.
5th pick: reserved - Sandra B.
6th pick:
7th pick:
8th pick:
9th pick:
10th pick:

Nala X Thor - Puppies arrived July 2nd, 2017 !!! 
1st pick: reserved - Rachel H.
2nd pick: pending - DJ
3rd pick:
4th pick:
5th pick:
6th pick:
7th pick:
8th pick:

Lola X Thor
Pictures taken June 30
Zeke - male liver nose red wheaton
Zia - female black nose red wheaton
Spartacus- male black nose red wheaton
Mercy - female livernose red wheaton
Titan - male black nose red wheaton
Rogue - male black nose red wheaton
Rain - female liver nose red wheaton
Cain - male livernose red wheaton
Wyatt - male livernose red wheaton
Zeus - male black nose red wheaton
4 baby boys 4 girls !!! 
Pictures taken July 3rd, 2017
Maximus - male
Ace - male
Bruto - male
Saber - male

There are no babies available at the moment.