If you have decided you would like to purchase a puppy, the first step is to  please send me the following information via email (kara.orenchuk@hotmail,com) :

• indicate which puppy you  are inquiring about
• completed questionnaire (link below)

* We reserve the right not to sell to a particular buyer if there is any question about the buyer’s ability to properly care for the puppy. 

If your puppy will have to be flown please also include along with the above information:
- First & Last Name of the person picking the puppy up at the airport.                          \\\
- First and second choice of airport.

We safely ship to most major airports within the US and Canada. Extra charges for shipping are a pet carrier, airfare, and transport to our local international airport. 

* Please do not email over your personal information if you are not ready to commit to a puppy.

The second step is to complete the Puppy Agreement Contract/Guarantee (link below), and to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


The final step is to finalize the purchase of the puppy you have chosen. 

If you have decided on a particular puppy and are ready to purchase, you can choose to pay by cash in person, post office money order, money gram, bank draft or online banking(Etransfer is preferable). You can also hit the PayPal button below to take you straight to PayPal checkout. There is a $15.00 fee you must add to your total for using paypal each time. (Also, If you do choose to go the PayPal route, please check the box where it says 'no shipping required' just before you check out and complete the purchase.)